COVID-19, what takes Turkey and the World under effect, has led to the adoption of several protective measures throughout the world. At the beginning of these measures; Regulations on curfews, travel restrictions, border closures, economy and education processes arrangements are introduced. As of March 2020 start seeing cases in Turkey, our country has also made it compulsory to take similar measures. Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, primarily thinking about the health of our international students and prospective students, has followed the process carefully.

Despite all these negative situations, as Diyanet Scholarships Team, considering the possibility that the epidemic can be brought under control, our 2020 International Scholarship Programs; we implemented the application, evaluation, preference and interview stages according to the schedule we mentioned earlier.

However, for the 2020-2021 academic year;

– Due to the negative effects of the outbreak continue to increase in Turkey,

– Accordingly, considering that the Ministry of National Education and the relevant universities cannot carry out the education to face to face,

It was understood that bringing students to Turkey from abroad is not possible. Therefore;

  • There will be no student admission to the International Imam Hatip High School Scholarship program this year.
  • Candidates who applied to the “International Theology Undergraduate Program” and succeeded in the interview (they will be contacted via e-mail.), they will not be able to register into any university in Turkey and their status can not be taken as an official scholarship. These prospective students will participate in Turkish preparatory classes which are going to be in “Distance Education” methods, that will be given for 1 year by Turkiye Diyanet Foundation, from their own country. (Details of this training program will be announced later.)

If it is going to be possible to admit students from abroad for the 2021-2022 Academic Year; Candidate students participated in the 2020 interview program (if they continue to meet the necessary conditions for scholarship) will be given priority.