Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-12-27T09:32:55+03:00
I’m a dual citizen. Can I Still Apply for International Programs?2024-01-15T14:43:07+03:00

Turkish Citizens and Dual Citizens, one of whose citizenships is Türkiye, cannot apply to our International Programs (Graduates of the International Theology Program are excluded from the scope. Students in this scope must apply with credentials other than Turkish nationality.)

Can I apply for more than one scholarship program?2023-12-27T09:45:14+03:00

Our foundation does not support the same student in more than one scholarship program at the same time

Are scholarships refundable?2023-12-27T09:43:18+03:00

No refund will be received from the student who received a scholarship in any of our Foundation’s scholarship programs.

Where do I apply for a scholarship?2023-12-27T09:42:29+03:00

You can apply for the scholarship program that best suits you by creating a profile on the Turkiye Diyanet Foundation ( website.

When do scholarship applications begin?2023-12-27T09:31:16+03:00

Scholarship applications for domestic programs are received in August-September, and scholarship applications for international programs are received in January-February

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