• It is an education and scholarship program implemented with the protocols signed between our foundation and universities. The academic and intellectual development of students studying at faculties of theology and Islamic sciences is supported.
  • This scholarship program carry out in form of “dormitory-scholarship-course” support in “TDV Dormitories”, also in the branches where student accommodation support is provided. It is an education and training program and students apply for scholarships through the online system. 

Theology Academy program aims to train qualified students within the scope of dormitory-scholarship-course, and it is not just a scholarship program.

  • Students cannot benefit from this program when they stay in a place other than the accommodation provided by TDV.
  • Participation in additional course programs is compulsory. A follow up process is carried out for students who do not attend to the courses.
  • It aims academic, cultural and social development opportunities and does not promise institutional employment within DIB or TDV.
  • It looks at the students development holistically and not only academic course success is targeted. Spiritual, cultural and social development is also expected from students.
  • Students who are in II. education, associate degree of theology or undergraduate degree can’t take part to the program.

It is carried out for the students studying at the faculties of theology and Islamic sciences to realize their professional goals. It is an education and training program implemented in “TDV Dormitories” and provinces where “Branch Student Housing Support” is given.

Academic Coordinator: In the provinces where educational and cultural activities are carried out, the personal, professional and academic developments of the students are followed. It guides the implementation of the programs at the local level and ensures the development of connections with academic and cultural circles.

Domestic Education Commission: It consists of DIB, MEB and TDV personnel. It closely monitors and evaluates all studends of work and transactions related to students and presents the results to the relevant approval authorities.

Recognizance: It is the document that the student accepts and signs that he/she complies with the scholarship acceptance conditions and that he/she will comply with the attendance requirements.

Scholarship Program: Theology Academy Scholarship Program.

Protocol: Official procedure or system of rules governing affairs of state or diplomatic occasions.

Branch: Turkey Diyanet Foundation Branches

Camps: Defines language camps, thematic camps, professional development camps, semester and summer camps.

Thematic Book Readings: It is aimed to read the books selected monthly from the book lists determined in the “Annual Activity Plan” and to evaluate them with a critical perspective.

Vocational Practice: Students’ career plans, oratory, imamate, education programs such as child education are prepared and implemented in cooperation with partner institutions.

Orientation Program: The Orientation Program is a series of activities that give the new students and/or employees information to help them adapt to the institution and realize their responsibility towards it.

  • To be studying in the Faculties of Theology or Islamic Sciences at the Universities where the program is opened,
  • To accept the accommodation conditions determined by the foundation,
  • Being successful in the interview,
  • Not to be older than 21,
  • Being a Turkiye citizen,
  • As a result of the interview, the group should be in sufficient number for the program to be opened,
  • To be studying in primary education, formal and undergraduate program,
  • Our priority is preparation and being a first-year student,
  • Not having received any disciplinary action.
  • Educational activities that support and complement formal education programs in the field of social and human sciences are carried out to provide that all students gain the ability to live and think as a Muslim.
  • Activities supporting theology education (additional lessons, camps, workshops, etc.) such as basic religious knowledge, Quran, islamic sciences lessons, text readings are carried out,
  • Within the scope of dormitory, scholarship and course support, monthly scholarship support is from october to june for 9 months,
  • Students are provided with accommodation, academic, social and cultural support,
  • It is ensured that students participate in workshops, symposiums, conferences, panels and workshops,
  • Reading and analyzing books that support the academic development of students.
  • Students’ success, attendance and discipline are monitored monthly, quarterly and annually.
  • Student statuses reported to the Domestic Education Coordination Commission are evaluated. Written warning, partial scholarship cut or end of scholarship is applied to students who do not comply with the conditions of the program.
  • If the students who are accepted from the preparatory class fail at the end of the year, their scholarship is ended.
  • If the grade point average of the students who are accepted to the program from the 1st year or intermediate classes is higher than 2.70, their scholarship continues.
  • Scholarship is terminated for those who are suspended from school, dismissed, fail due to absenteeism, leave the dormitory due to disciplinary instructions or voluntarily. 
  • Scholarships of students who do not attend academic, cultural, vocational courses and activities are evaluated by the Domestic Education Coordination Commission.

Are scholarships reimbursable?

Scholarships are non-refundable.

What should I do if I cannot attend the interviews?

The General Directorate decides whether students who miss the application period for scholarship programs due to force majeure, although the conditions are suitable, will be admitted to the program, provided that their demands do not exceed the determined annual quota.

My house is very close to the dormitory, is it okay if I only come to the lesson and not stay in the dormitory?

Since our scholarship program is a program in which a dormitory, scholarship and course are applied together, it is not possible to stay outside of the specified accommodation places.

Is participation in the camps compulsory? It will be difficult for us in the summer, is it okay if I don’t attend the camp?

Yes, participation in the camps is mandatory, except for health problems and being abroad within the scope of exchange programs.

Otherwise, your scholarship status will be evaluated by the Foundation.

Is it possible for me not to attend some classes? (What if I only attend the Arabic class?)

The academy curriculum is a whole and you have to attend the entire program.

I’m very busy during the year, is it okay if I just join the camp?

Our camps support our additional course program throughout the year, so participation in the camp is mandatory.

What happens if I participate in exchange programs?

In foreign exchange programs such as Erasmus, your scholarship right is frozen and activated upon your return, provided you provide information.

In domestic exchange programs such as Farabi, if our scholarship program is implemented in the province you go to, your scholarship will be evaluated by the commission. In provinces where we do not have a scholarship program, your scholarship will be terminated.

If you transfer between universities voluntarily, your scholarship status will be evaluated if the program is implemented in the province you transferred to.

I am a second education student, can I join the program?

Students in secondary education, non-formal and associate degree programs cannot benefit from the program.

How can I leave the program?

With a petition, you must notify your request to the General Directorate of the Turkish Religious Foundation. Students whose scholarship has been terminated due to failure or lack of discipline in the academy scholarship programs cannot be re-admitted to the program.

If deemed appropriate, the student can freeze enrollment for a maximum of two semesters during the study period. During this period, students are allowed without a scholarship by the Foundation, and the freezing process must be officially done and documented on the basis of the school/faculty/institute.

2- ANKARA KIZ, ERKEK Yalnızca TDV Yurtlarına Kayıt Yaptıran Adaylardan Alım Yapılacaktır
4- BURSA KIZ, ERKEK Yalnızca TDV Yurtlarına Kayıt Yaptıran Adaylardan Alım Yapılacaktır
8- İSTANBUL KIZ, ERKEK Yalnızca TDV Yurtlarına Kayıt Yaptıran Adaylardan Alım Yapılacaktır
19- ESKİŞEHİR KIZ Yalnızca TDV Yurtlarına Kayıt Yaptıran Adaylardan Alım Yapılacaktır
  • Türkiye Cumhuriyeti vatandaşı olmak
  • İlahiyat Fakültesinde öğrenim görüyor olmak
  • Programın açıldığı illerde (ve cinsiyette) öğrenim görüyor olmak (yukarıdaki tabloda)
  • Hazırlık sınıfı veya 1. sınıfta öğrenim gören öğrenciler öncelenir.
  • Eğitim düzeyi lisans olmak
  • Bekâr olmak (evli olmamak)

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